Cubby, the Google BrandLab wall project, represents the very best of Uncorked.

Cubby is an interactive installation devised to welcome VIP visitors to the Google BrandLab space and prepare them for their workshop experience.

BrandLab is a screens-down workshop, which is increasingly a difficult proposition for high-powered executives. Cubby’s user experience reveals value in the information and understanding the program delivers. Setting up the benefit makes it easier to slough off device-borne distractions.

As they enter the space, guests find their Cubby personalized with their name and a series of prompts and questions.

The wall updates as the guests interact with their Cubbies, displaying a sequence of data visualizations contrasting the team with the audience their workshop will focus on.

Once they complete the arrival sequence, there’s a final surprise. The touchscreen slides away to reveal a storage area. Inside, there are all the materials they’ll need for the day, including a customized notebook and pen.

Guests are then encouraged to leave their phones and laptops in the Cubby, to charge safely during the workshop.

Finally, at the end of the day, as guests are preparing to leave, the wall shifts into its final mode. Here, the wall serves as a retrospective, showing photos from the day and soliciting feedback about their time at BrandLab. This time, when they open their Cubby, they not only find their fully-charged phones and laptops, but also a special thank-you gift.

Uncorked designed Cubby to be flexible, so BrandLab could engage with guests in different ways as the workshop progressed.

For instance, a “quiet mode” takes over while the workshop is session. Quiet mode features more subtle animations designed to prevent distraction, while still making it easy for guests to find their individual Cubbies.

In the afternoon, as guests leave the space for lunch, the wall adapts again. This time the focus is on comparing top trending YouTube videos in the guest’s chosen demographic with those of the audiences they’re learning about in the workshop.

Our partnership with Google designers and engineers has given us firsthand expertise on all things Google. From Material Design frameworks to official code classes and accessibility guidelines, our project history speaks to deep understanding of Google’s systems and goals.

Google’s Experience Studio is a team focused on creating immersive, story driven spaces for Google’s top visiting guests. It’s the long-standing Uncorked partner behind BrandLab’s environmental design.

Our work together with Experience Studio’s designers impacted physical-digital environmental design for BrandLab as well as Google’s Policy Team. The work involves interfaces, prototypes, and fully-functioning build-outs, all falling within Google’s best practices for design and code. And, given the nature of VIP and highly-valued customers, the highest uptime and reproducibility requirements.

For more about Uncorked’s special relationship with Google, check out the studio’s work with Google Creative Lab on the augmented reality experiment Just a Line.