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Google / Just a Line

Longtime collaborator Google Creative Lab transforms a visual idea and engineering invention into a groundbreaking, first-to-world, augmented reality creation app.

adidas / All Day

A fully-fledged sports apparel brand’s product system helps people build habits around a new paradigm of complete health and wellness.

Autodesk / PIE Shop

Manufacturing innovator Autodesk imbues a startup accelerator and co-working space with unique hardware capabilities and expertise.

Tentrr / Product Evolution

A dual-sided marketplace bolsters its design and e-commerce chops to achieve a vision for growth and scale post-Series-A.

Diageo / Strategic Innovation Partnership

A $16 billion market leader builds a culture around new flavors of innovation to continue evolving its role across the market.

Google BrandLab / Cubby

An interactive installation welcomes VIP visitors to the Google BrandLab space and prepares them for their workshop experience.

Uncorked Studios is an integrated product design studio connecting people, technology, and context to create meaningful change.

Product Strategy

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  • Product Innovation Strategy
  • Brand Strategy

Product Design

  • Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Design Research

Product Development

  • Emerging Platforms
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Web Development

Partner Profile: Rachel Hawkes

Like many successful startups, ViaHero has an extremely simple premise at its heart: locals know.

Uncorked Studios

Interaction Patterns in Augmented Reality

Digging into the many lines drawn in AR.

Nick Parish

Multipart/form-data File Upload with AngularJS

A quick tutorial to solve a persistent AngularJS problem.

Uncorked Studios